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Allow family travel to Netherlands for birth reason

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As a new expat mother, a woman faces many challenges after birth of her child. In these difficult times, the support of her immediate family members can do wonders for both the woman & her baby. Please allow immediate family of new mothers/to-be mothers to travel to the Netherlands for support.



The women who are going to give birth and those who have just given birth, their husbands/ partners



  • We women need support post-partum.
  • Along with the birth of a baby, there is also the birth of a mom. Her body needs support and care, just as a newborn baby needs.
  • The months after birth are the most crucial for the recovery of the woman and the development of her child.
  • Without love, care, support from immediate family most women get post partum depression.
  • It is understandable that corona needs to be kept in check, but an exception can be made for this special case.
  • Birth can be considered an emergency case, as it is already being done in neighbouring countries like Germany & Luxembourg. Immediate family members are here to support their children in the new phase and not for tourism.


and request

Remove the travel ban for family of mothers-to-be and new mothers on humanitarian grounds.

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